Cardinal Mobility offers different types of canes for your comfort and security, providing you additional stability and support

Canes are only available for purchase
You may ask for them under additional requirements when registering.

  • Walking Cane (Quad)

  • Round Handle Aluminium Cane

  • Folding Canes

  • Offset Handle Aluminium Canes


Quad: 4 point base, combined with offset handle provides additional stability and support. Its easy to use. one button height adjustment with locking bolt allows quick, safe fitting.

Round Handle Aluminium Cane: Comfortable contoured handle with vinyl comfort grip. Locking ring ensures added safety after adjustment.

Folding Canes: Canes fold into 4 convenient parts for easy storage.

Offset Handle Aluminium Canes: Ergonomically designed handle with soft foam grip provides comfort and security. Comes standard with wrist strap.

Walking Cane (Quad) 35.00 – RETAIL ONLY

*Tax not included (10%)

Walking Cane 25.00 (Others) – RETAIL ONLY

*Tax not included (10%)